Tuesday, July 17, 2012


As I was surfing the facebook, I discovered an amazing German Artist Elisabeth Kopjar. After having a few discussions with her about her work, I realized I was on to something big. My heart started beating faster with excitement, my mind running a thousand miles an hour trying to figure out what can I do to share the wealth of what I discovered.
It did not take me much long to decide that I should do an interview with her and share her amazing talent with the world. Her paintings are colorful, creative, beautiful and well executed to say the least and her rich imagination has no boundaries. She is a living Artist, a wife and a mother of four who is fluent in German and English. ~Roopa Rizvi Dudley~

1. When did you decide to become a Professional Artist? At what age you knew that you enjoy Art?

I didn't decide to become a professional artist. I just started painting again at the beginning of 2011 and looked for possibilities to show my work to others. The first time I consciously enjoyed art, was in the kindergarten. I still remember the smell of the colour pencils and wax crayons I used to paint with then. I LOVED it and just did it most of the time.

 2. How would you like to define the artwork you create?

The artwork I create is a result of
- my wish to express my thoughts and feelings
- the joy I feel during the process of painting
- what I have learnt and still have to learn about techniques and styles - having freed myself from caring about the opinion of experts. It's up to the beholder how she/he defines my work for herself/himself.

3. What is your favorite color and why? Your favorite music? Do you listen to music while you paint?

I have no favourite colour. Every colour has its own expression and beauty. I love playing with all of them. The only colours I really don't use are neon colours. It's very similar with music. I love music of any style and age, it often depends on my current mood what I would prefer at the moment. So the music I hear while I'm painting changes. The only style I don't like is techno.

 4. How many art pieces have you sold as of today? Do you sell by size or the amount of time it took you to create the artwork?

  I have sold four paintings, by size.

5. Do you have a designated Art Studio?  Do you have this Studio in your house or do you rent it? The address if someone wants to send you correspondence.

I have a room in our house, in which I paint. (Fotos at the next opportunity.) My email-address: elisabethkopjar@yahoo.de

6. What past experiences [good and bad] have influenced your work?

When I was young I painted always and everywhere. My parents supported me in doing so. Until the end of primary school I was regarded as quite talented, so afterwards I attended a so called 'musisches Gymnasium', where the subjects Music, Art and German have high importance. Then I studied for three years to become an art and German teacher. During all those school and university years I really learnt a lot about art history, techniques and styles. I had to try any techniques and to imitate or alienate famous artist's works. Sometimes I was allowed to have my own ideas and imaginations. But always a teacher or lecturer looked over my shoulder and criticized my work. So slowly but surely I lost my spontaneity, my inner freedom to paint just following my thoughts and feelings, my real creativity. More and more I hesitated to paint at all, because I had started to analyse my own work even before I had started doing it at all! I interrupted my studies for personal reasons. I married and I brought up four children. For almost three decades I didn't paint at all, excepted little things for my children for example. Two years ago, things changed. I started thinking about my life. That's a very natural process for a woman of my age. You remember your own childhood and youth and you put into question the development of your life. You suddenly get the feeling that you may have missed something important. I found out that one of the most important things I had been missing was painting. So I took a brush and started just doing it. The teachers now were far away, and I realised that I really didn't care anymore about what they might think about my work. I was freed from that fear.

7. Who are your favorite Artists? Which Artists have influenced your outlook and work? Who do you identify with the most?

There are so many artists I admire. Each one for me has a certain extraordinary quality. I appreciate craftsmanship, aesthetics, impression, expression and entertainment in artworks. I couldn't say that I am a fan of anyone though. I feel respect for the old masters and for naturalistic and realistic art. I like it when I find humour in art. I enjoy art that provokes interesting thoughts. I LOVE art when it touches me. I don't mean effects like the 'scheme of childlike characteristics'. What I mean are deep human feelings and atmospheres made visible by the expression of a face, by the posture of a body, by the choice of colours and/or symbols. The simpler the way that happens the more authentic  it feels for me. Yet I don't identify with anyone. I'm on my way to myself and nobody else. But I don't deny that I study the works of artists and try to learn on and on.

8. What is your favorite media [Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors], which brand and why you choose this specific media?

At the moment, I paint with water soluble  oils (to avoid the smell of turpentine in our house). I like their flavour and I love their softness and naturalness. Also they give me the possibility to change things for a very long time. That's good for me, because often enough my imaginations change. Also, each colour has its own painting quality regarding consistence, application and coverage. It 's always exciting to see the result of several layers of colours in the end. That's an endless playing field for me. When I was young I was afraid of painting with oils, it seemed too complicated and difficult to me. Now just this is the main reason why I enjoy it so much!

9. Is there something you would like to share about yourself with potential Art Collectors?

Thinking about human life and watching people around me images come to my mind. They are treated by thoughts and associations. They change steadily. At one point I start to paint. During the painting process things change again often. The beings I paint become independent sometimes, they seem to have their own imaginations what they want to be. So I never know at the beginning how the result will look in the end. Sometimes I recognise exciting details in my paintings days after they were finished. I seem not to have painted them consciously. So painting for me is filled with a certain magic and with sensuous pleasure anyway. Sometimes it is a struggle for a while. Often it's like a dialogue about a certain question, when you want to form your own opinion. When I have the feeling that I have talked and listened enough, my painting is finished. That doesn't mean that I have found an answer to my question, but I have made a progress. A progress in freeing my thoughts and enjoying the power of my own imagination. Now others look at my painting. Possibly they continue that dialogue in their own ways. It doesn't matter when they don't like that painting. But it is amazingly beautiful for me to see when it is able to touch a string in someones soul. To sell a painting is a kind of affirmation and it allows me to buy new colours, brushes and canvasses. It feels like giving my work to its new home, where it is in good hands. That's really wonderful. But in the same manner I enjoy sharing my work with people who just look at it, think about it, talk about it and feel with it.

 10. Your nationality? Languages you can communicate in?
I'm German. I can communicate in German and English language.