Thursday, October 11, 2012


1. When did you decide to become a Professional Artist? At what age you knew that you enjoy Art?

 I don't think I can call myself a "Professional Artist".  I consider myself an artist but I only just started painting regularly. I'm self taught and anything I learned was from trial and error and You-Tube. But I have always enjoyed drawing and creating! I had done a couple of paintings in the 90s but no more then that and I had stopped when my daughter was born... Now I'm back with a vengeance ;)

2. How would you like to define the artwork you create?

Romantic beauty? I have no idea... I don't think I have a style, although I know I must.  It's like having an accent... you don't hear your own.  I guess I'll let others decide what my style is.

3. What is your favorite color and why? Your favorite music? Do you listen to music while you paint?

Ahhhh I like this question!!! Pink is my favorite color. I love painting in pink, all shades of pink and I have to stop myself sometimes not to paint every dress pink ;) 
I love painting to the radio, I mostly always have the local radio on.  When I "choose" what to listen, It's usually Jewel, Evanescence or Birdy. I love the song "painters" by Jewel. I cry every-time.

4. How many art pieces have you sold as of today? Do you sell by size or the amount of time it took you to create the artwork?

I haven't sold any art piece. I've had offers but can't part with any of them...Plus I've only been painting for a short while. But this week I have made a decision to start painting on small canvas.  It's called Daily Paintings and I am totally in love with the concept!!! I joined this site: and you will see my art for sale at auctions under my real name Jacinthe Rivard. It will be very affordable as it is a daily painting on small scale! So it's fun for me to just be able to show, sell and get comments on my artwork!

5. Do you have a designated Art Studio? [If so, can you please e-mail me a picture of you in it]. Do you have this Studio in your house or do you rent it? The address if someone wants to send you correspondence.

I have made myself a pretty little room in my basement.

6. What past experiences [good and bad] have influenced your work?

I've been to fashion school and I think that is what made me start painting.  I did not want to make clothes... just paint it and not have to think about the technical part of it.  Most of the time my teachers had to make me start over because although what I did was pretty... it was physically impossible to get into the dress as I did not include an ugly zipper in my picture ;)

7. What are your favorite Artists? Which Artists have influenced your outlook and work? Who do you identify with the most?

I love John William Waterhouse. I also like Angelina Wrona. I love anyone who does "daily paintings" I love the way they can make us believe in just a few strokes! 

8. What is your favorite media [Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors], which brand and why you choose this specific media?


I only paint with oils... I usually use Pebeo. I adore the smell of oils, it's comforting and it just reminds me of always being happy when that smell is around!

9. Is there something you would like to share about yourself with potential Art Collectors? [This is a loaded question so think about it deeply and be as personal as you want].

I'm just a simple girl who paints because it keeps her alive.  If it makes someone happy then I'm happy!  I have the chance to paint for my own pleasure and not for money or approval.  I may never sell any of my paintings but I will always make them available for anyone to look at and when I'm gone... who knows.... Didn't Van Gogh become famous only after he was no more ;) I'll keep both my ears thought!

10. Your nationality? Languages you can communicate in? Your Birthday?

I am French Canadian, I speak English and French. But I'm mostly French... so I apologize for the syntax in my answers ;) and if you find any mistakes, feel free to keep them ;)