Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Sunita and I connected on Facebook a few months ago. She is one of the most expressive and versatile painters I have gotten to know so far. From traditional South-Asian style to Contemporary to Geometric Abstract. Her work is authentic and original to say the least.

Sunita Khedekar painting her Geometric Abstract 2013

1. When did you decide to become a Professional Artist? At what age you knew that you enjoy Art?

When I was in 4th grade, I participated in Rangoli competition (Dry painting with powdered colors). In Rangoli, I painted a swan with lotus in the water and won the first prize. It is at that time I realized that my painting stood out from the rest. I did not however decide to actively pursue painting till I graduated high school.  I got accepted in JJ School - one of the most prestigious Art School in Asia and earned my degrees in Fine Arts and Applied Arts.

2. How would you like to define the artwork you create?

My paintings are the reflection of moment and memory. Something that engages the viewer and establishes a memory that remains positive. It is timeless. It is like a bridge which connects to the past and the future. It summons the viewer to contemplate each time it is viewed.  It expresses the intensity of my experiences with nature, people and dreams.

3. What do you enjoy about painting and why is it the media of choice to you?

I love to paint. I am inspired by the whole concept of creativity. The idea that a blank canvas can be turned into something that someone will cherish is very exciting to me. I also enjoy the fact that a painting can mean different things to different people. I have been very content painting with acrylics for a long while.  

4. What is your favorite color and why? 

I love all bright colors but most favorite is Red. I like it because it is energetic and vibrant.

5. What is the music of choice for you? Do you listen to music while you paint?

Classical Indian music is my favorite perhaps because I grew up listening to it.  Sometimes I do listen to the music while I am painting but not always.

6. How many art pieces have you sold as of today? Do you sell by size or the amount of time it took you to create the artwork?

I have sold over 300 art works to date. I usually price each art work depending on the amount of time spent creating it however, I do factor both - the size as well as the time.

7. Do you have a designated Art Studio? If you do, is it in your house or do you rent it?  Your e-mail address if someone would like to contact you or correspond with you directly.

No. I do not have any designated studio but sure would like to have one. Currently I work from home. I can be reached at sunita@khedekars.com  I have a website as well www.khedekars.com

8. What past experiences (good and bad) that have influenced your work?

Bad experience I would say dealt with my love for a brighter palette generated some strong comments here in UK as people favor and are usually more receptive towards pastel palette. However, over time my same bright palette is now in vogue so now it receives a much favorable reception instead of criticism. I did not change my style or palette because of how it was received by the public. In that regard nothing has influenced me.

9. Who is (are) your favorite Artist(s)? Which Artist has influenced your outlook and work? Who do you identify with most?

People have told me that my style is similar to Paul Klee.

10. What is your favorite medium (Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors)? What brand do you use and why? 

I like Oils and Acrylics. I use Winsor & Newton Artist's Colors including lots of texture mediums like glass beads, sand, modelling paste and black lava. I prefer Acrylics because it dries fast and is best to create textures.

11. Is there something you would like to share about yourself with potential Art Collectors that they may be interested in?

I am born a dreamer, an idealist, an imaginative and a spiritual person. Akin to a sponge, I absorb emotions from my environment which always reflect through my colorful work. My paintings are sublime and have significance on multiple levels. They elucidate simplicity, peace, harmony, vibrancy and fun. My ideas originate from intuitive process and symbolic conceptual thought process. On this planet people communicate with words, but I feel fortunate to have this dialogue through my creations inspired by nature and environment. I believe that whatever one is looking for can be found inside of us and that peaceful feeling is what one can experience looking at my art. Please visit me at my website at www.khedekars.com  I have been passionate about music since my childhood  and now I am taking classical voice lessons which I believe are adding layers to my creative process and experience in the field of arts. I teach Art and Music to children and adults. I also host dozens of holiday workshops for children.

12. Your nationality and Birthday? Languages you can communicate in?

I was born in Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), India on February 23rd, 1970.  I am an Indian (Hindu) by heritage but a naturalized British. I have been in England for the past fifteen years. I can speak Marathi, Hindi and English.