Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Through Facebook, I discovered yet another delightful artist Sandra Thome. Her paintings make me feel joyous and euphoric each and every time I look at them. Each one of her paintings shouts out "I am not an accident, I am created with love". As for me, I am in love with her style and composition and I believe that goes without saying. The world that she creates is joyous, warm and beautiful. I really want to be a part of it. How about you?  "And I think to myself what a wonderful world...what a wonderful world". 

 1.When did you decide to become a Professional Artist/Painter? At what age you knew that you enjoy Art? 

I have never really considered myself a professional artist. I have just always been doing it. It is my therapy and escape. I grew up in a house surrounded in art --mostly subdued pieces I think I developed my love of color in contrast.

2. How would you like to define the artwork you create?

I consider myself a colorist. People often ask me what my style is and I tend to ramble out some sort of incoherent answer. I paint what I want and let it evolve on its own.

3. What is your favorite color and why? Your favorite music? Do you listen to music while you paint?

All color! No favorites. Favorite music is also an open question. I prefer instrumental so my thoughts can wander. I do sometimes paint with music but I like my mind to be immersed in my painting and music does tend to sway my thoughts and control my emotions. I also enjoy silence.

4. How many art pieces have you sold as of today? Do you sell by size or the amount of time it took you to create the artwork?

Not sure how many -- my initial instinct is less then when I really think about it...about 25. Unfortunately, with the economy being so poor size and time are no longer a factor. I price to sell. (Interviewer's Note: This may be a great opportunity for collectors to make those purchases NOW.)

5. Do you have a designated Art Studio? Do you have this Studio in your house or do you rent it? The address if someone wants to send you correspondence?

I work from my comfy, sunny living room in NJ when nobody is home but my furry companion Bear. I can be contacted at:

6. What past experiences (good and bad) have influenced your work?

Many of my older pieces like the Florals were commissioned. Now that I am older, I am painting versions of my childhood memories. I enjoy art that evokes happy feelings, dreamy feelings and a sense of deja vu. So I guess you can say "Good Experiences".

7. Who are your favorite Artists? Which artists have influenced your outlook and work? Who do you identify the most with?

Hands down Van Gogh. I love the old impressionists, the Scottish colorists and the Group of Seven. 

8. What is your favorite media (Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors), which brand and why do you choose this specific media?

I dappled in Oil in my twenties and then when I was pregnant with my son, I switched to acrylics to avoid the toxins. I have never gone back. Love the color I can achieve and the fast drying. I use mostly Liquitex due to it's affordability and availability but do try other acrylic products here and there.

9. Is there something you would like to share about yourself with potential Art Collectors?

It is always nice to sell a painting of course. However, I mostly paint for the reward it gives me. I paint because I have to, and I can.

10. Your nationality and Birthdate? Languages you can communicate in? 

Originally Canadian, now a naturalized American. I was born on February 20th, 1970. I can communicate in English.